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Refund Policy

Series Booking Policy:


Cancellation & RefundPolicy 

  1. Flight booking policy 
    1. The Total Price displayed is in INR includes all applicable government taxes.
    2. You are required to pay the entire amount prior to the confirmation of your booking.
    3. There will be no refund for 'no-shows' or any partially unused flights.
    4. To avail infant fares, an infant must be under 24 months throughout the entire itinerary you are booking. This includes both onward and return journeys. If the infant is 24 months or above on the return journey, you'll need to make a separate booking using a child fare.
    5. Infants must be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age.

  1. Check in
    1. As per the airline rules, the standard check-in time begins 2 hours before departure for domestic flights & closes 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Valid Photo Identity Required for all domestic flights.
    2. For International flights, the check-in time is 3 hours before departure.
    3. The passenger needs to check-in at least 2 hrs prior departure for Air India and Air India Express domestic flights else will be considered as a no show.
    4. Infants must have valid proof-of-age documents showing that the infant is under two years old.

  1. Amendments
    1. can assist you with amendments to most bookings (7:30 am to 9:30 pm). In some cases, though, you'll need to contact the airline directly.
    2. Every booking made on is subject to amendment charges levied by the airline, which may vary by flight and booking class.
    3. If you amend your booking, you will be charged the difference in fare, if any, applicable when the amendment is made. However, if the new fare is lower than the Original fare, difference in the amount will not be refunded, but the rebooking charges as applicable will be collected.
    4. In addition to the airline's amendment charges, charges an amendment handling fee of Rs 300 per passenger per segment which will be collected from you when we make the changes to your travel plans. Besides which we will also collect the difference in fare, if any, as applicable when the amendment is made.
    5. Depending on the airline's policy, some booked fares may not be amendable.
    6. All bookings made through us, can also be amended by calling up the Airline Call Center directly.

  1. Cancellation Policy
    1. In case of cancellation of any booking made on, the cancellation charges would be as levied by the airline and would vary by flight and booking class.
    2. Some booked fares may be non-refundable as per the specific airline's policy.
    3. Online cancellations: Cancellations can be made online by signing in to your Account. Step by step details for online cancellations are available here
    4. Offline cancellations: We also accept cancellation requests through phone. However, cancellation charges for such offline cancellations may be higher.
    5. cancellation charges: Over and above the airline cancellation charges, will levy Rs 300 per passenger per segment for each cancellation
    6. Only cancellation requests which are made online or telephonically through our customer support shall be entertained. shall not be liable to entertain any cancellation requests made through any other medium including but not limited to sms, e-mail
    7. If your cancellation request is made less than 12 hours before departure, you will need to contact the airline directly to get your reservation cancelled.
    8. If you have done a 'Web/Tele Check-in' with the airline, get in touch with the airline for cancellation. will not be able to process the refund for the same and will not take any responsibility for the same.

  1. Refunds 
    1. It is mandatory to contact for all refunds, as the airline will not be able to refund your tickets booked at
    2. If you need a refund for paper tickets, please send them back to us. Your tickets must reach us within 48 hours of the time of cancellation so that we can get them endorsed by the airline for you.
    3. If your paper ticket gets lost or damaged, the airline will not be able to process a refund request.
    4. All cancellations made directly with the Airline need to be intimated to by Email or Phone in order to initiate the refunds process
    5. Processing times for cancellation and refund requests vary.
    6. Refund will be processed through same mode within 10 working days.

Terms and Conditions of Booking

Rates and Price Variations: We reserve the right to vary prices and rates in the event of changes in exchange rates or price rises made by wholesalers or other suppliers. If the cost of any service increases due to exchange rate fluctuations, price increases, tax changes or any other reason, you are required to pay the increase when notified by us or you may cancel the booking which may result in cancellation fees. We are not liable in any way if any increase occurs. Rates quoted are appropriate to the particular product at the time of quoting and these rates may change prior to the travel date. All prices are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice.

Final Payment: Final payment must be paid immediately when requested prior to travel date. No vouchers will be issued until final payment is received in our office. Final payment conditions for certain air, Car, Hotel and tour products may vary, these are shown on the individual pages. We will advise you in writing of these conditions at the time of booking. Please note the final payment may vary from the original booking price or quote if the product is subject to exchange rate fluctuations or price rises by wholesalers or other suppliers.

Card Fees: Please note that a card fee will be applied automatically to credit card payment amounts: This fee covers a range of costs associated with processing bookings paid for by credit card including the merchant fees of the various credit card companies, payment processing costs, administration costs, the cost of maintaining IT systems used for payment security to minimise credit card fraud, credit card chargebacks and associated fees.

Payments made by cheque or direct deposit do not attract any fees.


Any ADM arising due to the below mentioned reasons will have to be borne by the Travel Partner

·  GDS Misuse

·  Fictitious Names or Fake Name Like Test Names / Wrong Names

·  Duplicate Bookings

·  Churning for same segment / Flight / Date

·  Hold Bookings must be released or issued before Time Limit to avoid Agent Debit Memo (ADM)

·  In Case the Booking is aborted at the time of Hold or Booking - Please dont issue tickets multiple times, Please contact our call centre for further action - ADM's will be borne by the agent if not guided by this policy

Payment Processing Terms & Conditions: By providing your credit card details and accepting our Terms & Conditions, you authorise to arrange for funds to be debited from your nominated credit card, in accordance with the terms & conditions of the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement as amended from time to time.

Your bank or credit card provider may apply currency conversion fees. Credit Cards are required to secure bookings if you are travelling within 14 days.

Standard Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation with in 12 Hours of Scheduled Departure Time must be cancelled with the Airline directly, will not be liable in any way if the passenger is No Show.
  • All Bookings cancelled may attract charges levied by airlines.

Cancellations must be in the form of Amendment on the portal.

If a credit has been approved it is valid for 6 months from the date the cancellation was made.

Flight Cancellation Policy:

    • Flights booked on this website are governed by the terms and conditions of the airfare you purchased and are determined by the Airline (not
    • In most cases, airfares are fully non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Airline charges or part or full cancellation fees may apply to your particular airfare.
    • A Travel Consultant will help you wherever possible within these terms and conditions.

Special Cancellation Conditions: Certain air,car,hotel and tour products will apply additional cancellation charges. These cancellation conditions and costs are located under the pricing on the individual pages and will be clearly advised to you in writing at time of booking.

Amendment Fees: Any amendments made to confirmed bookings will incur a fee; The fees are charged per amendment. This is in addition to any fees that may be levied by the supplier or airline.

Credit Card Chargeback Fees: Any fees charged to by our credit card payment provider arising from a chargeback or a disputed charge on the cardholder's credit card will be charged to the cardholder. This fee is non-refundable.

Change Of Itinerary After booking Has Commenced: Any alteration or cancellation of services after your booking has commenced can incur penalties. There is no refund for unused services.

Refunds: All refund requests must be in writing, and made direct to us or through the Agent from whom the travel arrangements were purchased. Claims must be made prior to departure time. Refunds will not be made for bookings cancelled due to inclement weather or illness. These must be claimed through your travel Insurance. No refunds will be made for services once travel arrangements have commenced. No guarantee is provided or warranted that any refund will be available. if payment done twice for one transaction, the one transaction amount will be refunded as Deposit in Account within 07 to 10 working days

Reporting of Incidents: Any abnormal incidents including injuries, service problems, cancellation of a service or dissatisfaction must be reported to during the event to allow us an opportunity to rectify the situation or provide assistance.


The Travel Partner assures that any visa applications submitted are only genuine cases, and takes full responsibility of the client / passengers / traveler.

The Travel Partner ensures to adhere to all requirements imposed by the Immigration and consulate of all the countries through your office with regards to the documentation for the Visa application.

The Travel Partner irrevocably indemnifies, keep indemnified, saved and harmless M/s Flyshop Travtech Private Limited, its officers, employees, agents, from and against all cost, charges, claims, damages and the like that may arise or be attributable to any or all such passengers defaulting in their terms & conditions for grant of Visa to visit the required countries and whose applications are submitted through us.

The Travel Partner agrees that it has agreed for Flyshop Travtech Private Limited to carry out processing of Visa application for the different countries.

Flyshop Travtech Private Limited’s role is limited to accepting the visa application and required documentation, forwarding the application to the consulate and immigration authorities for consideration of visa issuance and communication on the application.

Visa Applications are considered on individual merit, the consulate and the Immigration Department has the right to seek additional information at any stage of processing.

Immigration Authority and the consulate reserves the right to approve or refuse a visa without assigning any reason whatsoever.

The decision to grant or refuse a visa is the sole prerogative of Immigration Department and consulate of the respective countries. Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( cannot have any influence on the same issue.

Once Visa applied is chargeable irrespective of Visa grant or rejection by the immigration / consulate.

It is the Travel Partner’s responsibility to verify the documents correctly before sharing it or submitting it to us i.e. (Passport front and back page should be same, photograph, additional documents for Minor, observation page on passport, and any other forms or documents required by the immigration / consulate)

It is the Travel Partner’s responsibility to check the visa category correctly before sending any requests.

For OK to Board message for the required countries, the Travel Partner needs to advise Flyshop Travtech Private Limited of the PNR atleast 72 – 48 hours prior to the Guest Departure during normal working days and 96 – 72 hours prior to weekends; i.e Friday and Saturday.

It will be the Travel Partner’s responsibility to verify and reconfirm the message with airlines before 24 hours prior. has complete rights to reject any application as per its quality check norms and profile of the passenger.

Both parties agrees to all terms and conditions narrated in this agreement. – Flyshop Travtech Private Limited hereby declares that they have no role whatsoever in the assessment of a visa application, which is the sole prerogative of the government of the particular countries’ consulate and Immigration department. Therefore, we will not, in any manner, be liable or responsible for any delay in the processing or rejection of any visa applications.

Issuance and Approval of a visa is solely regulated by government of the particular country applying the visa and governed by their rules and regulations that may be amended from time to time.

Once applied, Visa fee is nonrefundable under any circumstances whatsoever.

In case of rejection of visa application, the applicant will be informed. No correspondence will be entertained, no visa fees will be refunded and no reasons will be required to be given.

It is understood that whenever the processing of the visa application is prevented, delayed, restricted or interfered with for any reasons whatsoever by the consulate and Immigration authorities to process visitor application, then Flyshop Travtech Private Limited shall not be liable to any visitor for any loss or damage which may be suffered as result of such causes and Madina Tour Travels Pvt ( Ltd shall be discharged of all its obligations hereunder.

Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( shall not be liable for any losses or damages, which the guest may suffer arising from delay in processing or receiving the visa. shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that information provided by the guarantor/visitor in its application form shall remain confidential. However shall not be liable for any unauthorized access by any means to that information.

Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( will not be liable for fine to be paid for the passenger if he/she was involved in any criminal offences.

To allow or revoke an applicant from entering the country will be decided by the immigration officers at the port of entry. will not be responsible for the decision of the immigration officer. – Flyshop Travtech Private Limited will not be liable for delayed approvals in case of systems errors or any other technical issues at the Consulate or at the Immigration.

Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( will not be liable for any damages, loss and delay of documents in courier services, any third party or during any natural calamities. Courier charges are not included in visa charges.

To defend personal information and to avoid illegal access, we have put in place proper safety measures and certifications. While no system is full-proof, including ours, we will continue using internet security procedures to make sure that your data remains secure with us. By opening, browsing, using this site for transactions or storing any data/information, the Travel Partner agrees to fulfil with the latest revised privacy policy in effect at such time. If the Travel Partner uses some social networking or other service which maintains your information, it is governed by their terms of use and privacy policy. While Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( utilizes necessary security measures, it is limited by technology used for different processes by Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( and/or by its partners. Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( is not in any way accountable for any data loss happening from malicious attempts to compromise its or partners/suppliers systems. The Travel Partner agrees with such limitation and experience.

The Travel Partner hereby declares and undertakes to you that it shall ensure that all its’ passengers strictly adhere to the Flight schedule submitted at the time of submission of the Visa application form. The Travel Partner takes full responsibility of all passengers for whom it submits the visas. Also, the Travel Partner assures that all passengers will depart from the country within the validity of the Visa period, however if any of its passengers do overstay or are absconding on sponsored visa, then the Travel Partner is liable to pay Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( the stipulated penalty decided by the consulate/ immigration authorities within 5 working days of notification by Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( as per the rate of exchange on that day. Also, the Travel Partner confirms that the visitor will not work anywhere or violate specially UAE/Oman/Bahrain/Qatar and sponsored visas for all other countries law while under Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( Should the person found guilty, in whatsoever situation, the Travel Partner has to bear the penalty if it comes from consulate/ immigration authorities/ suppliers /local authorities to Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( The Travel Partner shall also bear the penalty even If any of such liabilities are routed via third party suppliers/ associates/ or other parties through which the transaction is routed.


Validity of Rates: Prices are valid for the dates indicated.

Currency: All rates are quoted in Indian Rupees, or as otherwise indicated.

Payment Options: offers a secure server for your credit card payments. Alternatively, you can fax through your credit card details to us, send a cheque or make a direct deposit.

Eticket: Eticket details will be email to the address you gave us when you made your reservation within 5 minutes also you get the Eticket copy through Print Eticket tab on top right corner .

Accommodation: Accommodation is as specified in the accommodation section of our web sites. All costs are shown in Australian dollars, unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to offer alternative accommodation of a similar standard in the case the accommodation overbooks their property or for any reason beyond our control. All rates are subject to change without notice. Not all properties provide instant availability and in these cases Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( checks availability once we receive the booking request.

Flights: Airfares show instant availability and fares at the time of quoting however we will not proceed with booking flights until your accommodation is confirmed. This is to avoid strict fees charged by airlines for flight amendments. This may result in fare and/or availability changes.Check In / Check Out Times: These vary according to Generally your accommodation check in is 2pm and check out 10am. Please note that most properties will require a credit card authorisation on check-in and may need to see photo identification. In the instance that you don't have a credit card usually a cash bond will be required.

Single Supplement Costs: If not shown in your selected accommodation cost, this is available on application.

Accommodation Ratings: Are based on our own inspections and some in conjunction with our hotel supplier. Our ratings are for guidance only and are not to be construed as AAA endorsement.

Group And Incentive Travel: As group and conference rates are specially contracted rates specific for that particular group, they have different terms and conditions to standard holidays. If you are booking a group or incentive, please ensure that these conditions are explained to you.

All maps, photographs, illustrations and computer based graphics are included for general purposes only and are not always indicative of the subject matter. Hotel room photographs (graphics) may not be specific to the actual room occupied. Maps are not to scale.

Quotations: All quotations are subject to availability of services quoted and are not guaranteed until the booking is confirmed and deposit received. Quotes are valid for 48 hours from issue date.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Prices DO Include: Accommodation, transfers, tours/cruises, car hire, government taxes and any other inclusions as specified in writing on the relevant web pages for each suppliers product.

Prices DO NOT Include: Any costs incurred en route to and from the destination, meals (unless specified), alcoholic beverages, telephone calls, items of a personal nature, and personal services not specified as being included in costs on the relevant web pages for each suppliers product. Rates do not include Marine Park taxes, as this must be paid direct to the

Site Copyright

The copyright on all original/custom artwork, maps, navigation elements, presentation methods and design elements included in our web sites is held exclusively by Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( Copyright on all descriptive text is held by Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( Copyright on selected photographic images is also held by Flyshop Travtech Private Limited (

Photographic images are reproduced with the permission of Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( and the product and/or service providers represented on the web site, or as shown where necessary to satisfy the copyright obligations associated with their electronic reproduction.

where joint copyright is held over proprietary text or images, Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( reserves the right to pursue all copyright infringements on behalf of the primary copyright holder. Where the copyright for a photographic image is held exclusively by a third party under license, Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( reserves the right to vigorously protect the copyright of those images on behalf of the third party.

All HTML files used in Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( web sites are declared to be proprietary software product developed for use by Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( only, and as such are subject to international intellectual property conventions.

All custom graphics used are declared to be works of art created for use by Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( only, and as such are subject to international intellectual property conventions. Image files, HTML documents, and text files are not to be relocated to another server, or duplicated for commercial purposes without the express written permission of Flyshop Travtech Private Limited (

Flyshop Travtech Private Limited (, trading under its subsidiary business names, is a member of various Indian Regional Tourism Authorities, and as such exercises the right to reproduce images made available by these various organizations to their members for the purpose of generic and/or specific tourism promotion.

Please contact us if you have any further queries about our security, privacy or data handling procedures.

Terms and Conditions of Online Payments

Payments/Top Ups/ Paid for Order: Please note that any transaction done through any Online Payment by our registered agents or walking customer comes to an agent. In case of Walk-in customer swiping the card for a booking or Wallet update, Card holder is fully responsible for it and if any dispute/Chargeback raised will be taken care by the Flyshop Travtech Private Limited ( registered agent.

Wallet Update: If any transaction through any online payment mode and payment get success however booking fails than that transaction amount (Excluding Payment gateway charges) will be credited to Agent ID wallet.
In-case of processing refund, based on standing instruction from the Agent it will be refunded through respective payment mode used while transaction.

Payment Gateway Fees: Please note that any payment Gateway fee will be applied automatically to the online payment option.
Payment gateway charges will be Non-refundable in any circumstances.

Payment Processing Terms & Conditions: By providing your credit card details and accepting our Terms & Conditions, you authorise to arrange for funds to be debited from your nominated credit card, in accordance with the terms & conditions of the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement as amended from time to time.
Your bank or credit card provider may apply currency conversion fees. Credit Cards are required to secure bookings if you are travelling within 14 days.

Credit Card Chargeback Fees: Any fees charged to by our credit card payment provider arising from a chargeback or a disputed charge on the cardholder's credit card will be charged to the cardholder or registered agency. his fee is non-refundable.

Outstanding: If any outstanding is due, its unpaid after several reminders, has rights to recover by future flown tickets.

Payment Options: offers a secure server for your credit card payments.

Promotion will use your personal information to send you communications related to transactions, bookings, promotions, offers,
surveys, new products or services etc. using emails, text messages, instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, etc., calls,
IVR etc.